Nokia E6 Open For Booking (UK)

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A High Spec QWERTY Phone From Nokia

It's not just QWERTY, it's also a touchscreen

Good news for UK citizens, they can make their pre-order today as Nokia UK has open for booking for Nokia E6 as price stake around £349 (USD $573 ±, RM1300 ± approx.) which expect to launch by this June. This pre-order is for UK market only, others Continent still unknown.

Nokia E6 is a QWERTY Smartphone with 2.46 Capacitive Touch Screen. It have a 8 megapixel rear camera with Auto Focus with LED flash. Not just that, this phone support WiFi, 3.0 Bluetooth and have 8GB of internal memory.

New HTC Phone 12 Megapixel Camera With Windows Phone Mango OS?

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It's Not Official But The Leaked Image Shown It Is

More Info After The Jump!

You might think as per image looks like a HTC 7 Trophy isn't it?
Yes, it right, it's same with that model, but we believe it's different. Why?

As the image shown below is some leaked picture show it's running 12 Megapixel Camera ( Which HTC 7 Trophy is 5 Megapixel ) with Latest Windows Phone 7 Mango Updates as the Camera interface is slightly different with current Windows Phone 7.

It's still unofficial where there's no official announcement about it yet. As per our thought, it may be a HTC 7 Trophy S ? Or some name to show it's a successor to the Trophy? Who knows? :)

Source - WMPower User

Asus Padfone - Another Creative Idea From Asus

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Asus Now Move Step Ahead With Another Innovative Product

More Info After The Jump!

Last time we know about Asus Eeepad Transformer is quite unique tablet pc where as it not act as a tablet, also at the same time as Netbook.

Now Asus again create another creative product name Padfone which a phone can be put on tablet. Yup it's true, 2-in-1, Tablet + Phone = Padfone.
You may think, where Asus got this incredibly idea to create this stunning kind gadget?
Well, actually Asus take seriously from what people really want on gadget nowadays. Most common problem is you have to have multiple SIM card for your tablet and your phone. But now with Asus Padfone, the problem solve.
This 10.1 inch Tablet act as a dock for a 4.3 inch smartphone that can be connect and hid it on backside of the tablet. Also, the dock can give additional power when the phone itself runs out of battery.
It's Introduce by Asus at Taiwan Computex 2011 today. So far there's no official specs and price about it, and it's might running Android System version Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung Galaxy S II Sales Beat iPhone 4 In UK

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So, Is Samsung Phone Now Is iPhone Killer?

Proof? After The Jump!

At around early this year, Samsung has release one of the most successful hanphone, Samsung Galaxy S II. It's slim, it's dual-core, it's AMOLED, it's Gingerbread with Latest version Touchwiz.

So now, new statistic said that Samsung Galaxy S II sales on UK, now has beat iPhone, below is the chart.

As you can see image above, Samsung Galaxy S II has beat iPhone 4 Sales meanwhile new HTC Sensation is on no 3rd. Well, well, as we can see, HTC Desire, which quite long put itself on top of the chart.

As you can see on the chart, the trends looks like on Samsung Galaxy S II have more popularity than iPhone 4 where they got a bit down slope before goes on top.



iPad 3 With AMOLED Screens?

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Looks Like They Working Together "Again"

What is AMOLED? Read More Info After The Jump!

There's some rumour going on that Apple's Chief Operating Officer, Tim Cook meet Samsung on Korea for working on Samsung's AMOLED technology on their upcoming products, iPad 3.

Also rumour said, iPad 3, could be launch by the end of this year, maybe with AMOLED technology with old iPad design.

AMOLED is a high quality LED screen technology by Samsung that can display the graphic in more depth and true colour. This technology currently have been using to some Samsung's Mobile Phone such as Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab.

Source - Tech Radar

China Has 900 MILLION Total Handphone User

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Woah, What An Interesting Fact. 900 Millions Is Alot!

It could be reach 1 Billion by next year.

Nowaday almost all person in the world have a handphone, and alot of them also have more than one! Since the handphone is now part of our daily life, many types of handphone now easily can be find anywhere around you. 

Also handphone price has drop to affordable price. Remember 1 years ago where only certain people can have a handphone? Now, even kids also have a handphone, it's true that handphone is part of our life.

Now, there's new statistic said that China is the highest mobile phone user country in the world with 900 Millions people. It followed by India with 811 Million, while USA with 303 Million users.

In the meantime, eventhough China has highest mobile user statistic, only 10% of them are using 3G with only 67 Million User so far.

Source - The Next Web

Acer Iconia A100 Tablet PC Delayed

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It's Delayed Due To Honeycomb Incompatibility Issue

It's been reported the delayed is more longer than expected as it should be release by this month whereas it was announce from Acer about the "second" delay. It again delayed about Honeycomb (Android) issue with their 7-Inch Tablet Screen.

As for now we didn't yet know when it'll be release.

Source - Engadget

18K Carat Gold Of Nokia Oro, Is It Worth?

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With 18K Carat Gold + Symbian OS Is It Worth?

A "remake" from Nokia C7 Into Gold, and it'll be very limited production and super exclusive. More info after the jump!

An 18K Gold Carat with Sapphire Crystal and Leather on Nokia Oro Casing, would be another exclusive and premium phone made from Nokia. Like what Nokia was made, Nokia Arte, it'll be available on selected market only.

But in second thought, is it worth? The price expected should be around USD $1200 / RM 4000++ (exclude tax and others charges). General Manager of Nokia Russia said, a premium product like Nokia Oro should be best seller in Russia.

The specification is almost impressive, it's Symbian (Anna Version), with 8 Megapixels camera, 3G connection and WiFi. The display is 3.5" AMOLED display.

It's covered by 18K Carat Gold with Sapphire Crystal as a home key. It'll be available on worldwide market Q3 2011.

Source - Nokia Blog

Nokia Confirm Launch Windows Phone 7

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They Might Be A First Phone Run Windows Phone 7 Mango

Last Related Post

Nokia Marketing & Sales Department have announce that they will launching new Windows Phone 7 Smartphone in few months with latest version Windows Phone 7 Mango

Also they said, they also will keep launch new product on every three months basis.

Many speculation said that Nokia sales will keep decreasing and will close the business as because their competitor like Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung has an Android based smartphone. As now it's a great things to see that Nokia have move one step forward.

Source - WMPower User

Windows Phone 7 Mango - IOS and Android Killer?

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Windows Phone 7 Mango Hands On

Based on our last post, yesterday is the day that Windows Phone 7 Mango will be launch. What we know that they focus more on features rather than tiles design which is actually a good things.
Here you will now more what's the deal about this new Windows Phone 7 Mango. More info after the jump!

Cool GPS Voice - Over System
This video below show how the GPS Voice-Over system works, as far as we know it's still on Beta phase which might get more better soon. Video below is based on Windows Phone 7 Mango Emulator, which might run from the PC.

Weather Apps For Tiles
New Apps, from third party, Weather App Channel, more info on the video below.

Zune Apps
New and updated apps which have new functions such as new Dj Features.

Keyboard & Language
The predicition keywords has been improved alot with support Japan Language. Also the keyboard have automatic words correction as for example "Bulletin if you write buletin".

Social & Communications
  • Better social connection. More details and features on Facebook, Twitter and other social applications.
  • Linked Inbox and SMS / Chat Thread
  • Voice-Over Messaging - Easier to message or sms with voice-to-text technology.

  • Better and Improve Tiles Menu with more additional features.
  • Multitasking Support

Network & Internet
  • Internet Explorer 9 which support HTML-5
  • New apps call Local Scout, will give more better information about Local info for shopping, travel and more.
  • Improve Bing Apps

And more to come when 1st Phone that run Windows Phone 7 Mango in a few months. As for now from what we know, Nokia might be the first phone to run with this version.

Mystery Gift For Apitzhnu Followers and Facebook Fans!

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We Want To Thank You To Our Reader And Follower!

Rewards Awaits You! Like and Follow Us NOW!

First of all, thank you so much to all our readers for your support and feedback.
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Windows Phone 7 Mango Preview

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Here Are Some Preview That We Get Before It Fully Launch Today

Windows Phone 7 Mango Promise More Than 500 Features, is it? More Info after the jump.

Based on our last report said that today is the date that they'll reveal and announce about Windows Phone 7 Mango. Before the announcement, here are some preview about the update.

Social & Communications
  • Better social connection. More details and features on Facebook, Twitter and other social applications.
  • Linked Inbox and SMS / Chat Thread
  • Voice-Over Messaging - Easier to message or sms with voice-to-text technology.

  • Better and Improve Tiles Menu with more additional features.
  • Multitasking Support

Network & Internet
  • Internet Explorer 9 which support HTML-5
  • New apps call Local Scout, will give more better information about Local info for shopping, travel and more.
  • Improve Bing Apps

Want to see how it works? Here are the video about it.

Source - Nokia Blog

Twitter Now Is Owner To Tweetdeck

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Yay or Nay?

More info after the jump!

Last time we know that Microsoft have bought Skype, but now another Social Media plugin which is TweetDeck has been sold to Twitter at around $40 to $50 Miliion USD.

This is not official yet as they will sign off the contract by this Monday.

Tweet Deck is a third party application that can synchronize your account into one from your desktop. With Tweet Deck you can simply post, share, receive any post, updates from your Twitter friends. Also Tweet Deck compatible with Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google Buzz.
With Tweet Deck it's more easy as you can post to many accounts on one shot.

As for now there's no official yet, but we'll know it by this Monday. Stay tune.

Source - CNN

New Facebook Chat And Messaging System

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More Organize and Convenience

More info after the jump!

Recently Facebook has improve their chatting and messaging system they integrate both of them into one.

How it works?
As you can see on chat bar, it'll show as well your PM'ed history with your friends there. Which means it'll show on the message box as well.
After this, any chats transcript will save right on your inbox.

Also, like last time, if your friends is offline, your chat cannot be sent but Facebook mention to send it as PM manually instead, but now it'll send automatically to their inbox from the chat.

Firefox 5 Beta Launch

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Firefox 5 Beta Launch, What's The Deal?

More info after the jump!

Since many people keep complaining about Firefox 4 problem, now Mozilla team again launch version 5 on Beta. We believe that this new version will be solve the main problem occur on Firefox 4.

Here is some features of what Firefox 5 Beta has.
  • Added support for CSS animations
  • Added support for switching Firefox development channels
  • The Do-Not-Track header preference has been moved to increase discoverability
  • Improved canvas, JavaScript, memory, and networking performance
  • Improved standards support for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL, and canvas
  • Improved spell checking for some locales
  • Improved desktop environment integration for Linux users
For those who want to try out this new version, you can get it by click here

Samsung Galaxy S Got Gingerbread Update

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But It's Available For UK Users Only

Others Countries Soon

Since Samsung Galaxy S II have been released, many people think that Samsung Galaxy S which is Galaxy S II predecessor will be forgotten.

But no, recently Samsung has release an official update for Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread 2.3 Update which will fix bugs and improve performance.

As for now it's only available to UK users only and will available into others countries but when it is, still unknown.

As we mention before, Others model also got so how was it? Stay tune with us for updates.

Source - GSM Arena

New iPhone Might Get Curve-Glass Display

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So, It Should Be Look Like Nexus S Right?

More Info After The Jump!

Recently we've heard that New iPhone, wasn't actually iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S instead, but still there's no official to confirm on which name will be on this next gen iPhone.

Now, there's another source that Apple has purchased over than 200 pieces of Glass-Cutting machines which means they might do something and expecting it'll be a curve glass screen.

So far there's no official news about it and if it is, iPhone 5 (4S) will be a second smartphone with curve glass display after Samsung Google Nexus S.

Source - GSM Arena

New Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Will Have More Than 500 Features?

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Would It Be More Better Than iOS or Android Soon?

Tomorrow is the day that Windows Phone 7.5 Mango will be announce and it's going to get new features which is should be over than 500 new features.

It said by Steve Ballmer from Microsoft itself at Japanese Microsoft Developer Forum 2011.

Below is some features that believe to be on this new Windows Phone 7.5
ome of the anticipated major updates to the platform include:
-    Multi-tasking for third-party apps.
-    Office 365 and SkyDrive support.
-    Internet Explorer 9 Mobile.
-    Improved Marketplace.
-    Wider language support.
-    More than 1500 new Application Program Interfaces.

Also there might be 9 New Windows Phone line up will be announce tomorrow which is the day that they'll announce WP 7.5 Mango. So stay tune with us for more update about the WP7.5 Mango.

Source - Phone Arena

New Smartphone Technology?

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New Technology Might Be Change Smartphone In The Future

Sometime you may think isn't Smartphone is "smart" enough? Well I think not yet since 
Benedetto Vigna, general manager of the MEMS division of STMicroelectronics that in future smartphone it might get new sensor feature. 

Not just ordinary motion sensor, it has greater motion feature such as detect your elevation, humidity, temperature or even your heartbeat rate too!

Also it maybe has a fingerprint / thumbprint sensor that can unlock the phone or can be using for safe banking purpose to.

As for now based on source, this features may be install on next iPhone and iPad, others phone still unknown.

Source : Redmond Pie
Via : Pocketnow

Happy 10th Anniversary To Apple Stores

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 Today, 19th May, is a 10th Anniversary of Apple Store

Happy Birthday!

The very first of Apple Store opened was at between Mc Lean, Virginia and Glendale, California on 19th May of 2001.

Now Apple Store have over than 300 stores in the world and keep increasing.

Also rumor said that Apple Stores are planning something special to celebrate their anniversary.
But still have no official updates yet about it.

Anyhow, It could be new Macbook? Or iPhone 5? who knows?

Let's see by tomorrow, or this weekend.

Tough iPad Casing - G-Form

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Love your iPad, wear G-str... G-Form

It strong..yes it is... any proof?

We are sure that you love your iPad from get any scratch even a bit. Well G-Form is the answer

Proof? Got source from the reader of a blog name Blogserius by Obefiend have mention a link to youtube which prove that it's tough. Below are the video.

This casing / sleeve is available on their website online with USD $59.95 each. It also water resistant. Based on G-Form website, the casing / sleeve are available in two colours, Yellow and Black.

Source - Blog Serius

Solar Power Might Change The Future Of Laptop

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Next Revolution of Laptop Are Here!

Now you might think twice before buying an iPad~

Well it's actually not finish / final product but just a design for Fujitsu design award 2011 competition in conjunction with designboom.

The name is Lifebook Leaf is a concept notebook with OLED display.

We do hope this kind of innovation will be on production soon as we now are bored about battery anymore..

Source - TGDaily

**18/5/2011 - This is repost due to blogger problem of temporary missing post and comments

Asus EeePad Transformer Launch In Malaysia

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Yay! But How Much The Prices?

It's cool, isn't it?

Today, Asus Malaysia has officially launch their Tablet which comes with a keyboard dock. Which means it's not act like a tablet but also a Netbook as you can see on the video below.

The price is around RM1,498 for Tablet or RM1,799 Bundle with Keyboards. The amazing about this tablet is, their battery can hold up to 16 Hours! But the tablet only hold up to 6-8 Hours, means the keyboard docks also have a backup battery for the tablet.

It also have 5 Megapixel camera and 1.3 Pixel front camera. It support HDMI and also running on Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Official said it'll be on Malaysian market soon on another couple of weeks.

Full specs of Asus EeePad Transformer
Source - Amanz

LG Optimus 2X Will Get New Update This Month To Fix Bugs

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Finally, Bugs Will Be Gone On Next Update

The first dual-core smartphone got new updates, finally!

No more bugs LG said, that they'll release new updates soon for fix bugs that occur on LG Optimus 2X.

Based on last post about this phone, we have stated that we hope LG will fix the bugs, well seems like LG hear what their customers wants.

The bugs on this phone always happens on current version like SOD, Reboot automatically and freeze. But it's not official that this update actually will got on this month or not.

Source - GSM Arena

Samsung Announce New Gingerbread Update Soon

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2.3! Here They Comes!

But on which model? More info after the jump

It's official, Samsung has announced a new update for their Galaxy series phone line up will get new Android update, 2.3 Gingerbread. It's announced by Samsung Electronic it self at Korea this week.

Samsung also promise that this new update will improve performance, UI design and 3D performance as well.

As from what we expected, it may be support what features from Samsung Galaxy S II have. Like voice-over on SMS, tasking etc or interactive UI etc.

Also , Samsung said, 2.2 Froyo is not really suitable for Tablet tab (Samsung Galaxy Tab) as they'll make a proper update as possible.

Source from CNET, there's might be 3.0 Honeycomb update as well since new Galaxy Tab 10.1 that will be coming out, might use this version.

As now from what we know this update might to selected "Galaxy" series only. So far have been confirm is Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab.

Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Mini will be get a new update soon.


Most Powerful Bike In The World?

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It's 2012 MV Agusta F4 RR, "RR"eally?

Powered with 198 horsepower, it should be.

This Italian bikes manufacture claim this bike is the most powerful bike in the world. True?
With 1000cc Powered engine with 13,400rpm, well It should be, plus it's dry weight is quite fair nice at 423 pounds.

Well it's to bad Proton, a Malaysian Car Maker sell this brand at around 2005. As now MV Agusta come back with better marketing performance.

Source - Auto Blog

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