Windows Phone 7 Mango - IOS and Android Killer?

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Windows Phone 7 Mango Hands On

Based on our last post, yesterday is the day that Windows Phone 7 Mango will be launch. What we know that they focus more on features rather than tiles design which is actually a good things.
Here you will now more what's the deal about this new Windows Phone 7 Mango. More info after the jump!

Cool GPS Voice - Over System
This video below show how the GPS Voice-Over system works, as far as we know it's still on Beta phase which might get more better soon. Video below is based on Windows Phone 7 Mango Emulator, which might run from the PC.

Weather Apps For Tiles
New Apps, from third party, Weather App Channel, more info on the video below.

Zune Apps
New and updated apps which have new functions such as new Dj Features.

Keyboard & Language
The predicition keywords has been improved alot with support Japan Language. Also the keyboard have automatic words correction as for example "Bulletin if you write buletin".

Social & Communications
  • Better social connection. More details and features on Facebook, Twitter and other social applications.
  • Linked Inbox and SMS / Chat Thread
  • Voice-Over Messaging - Easier to message or sms with voice-to-text technology.

  • Better and Improve Tiles Menu with more additional features.
  • Multitasking Support

Network & Internet
  • Internet Explorer 9 which support HTML-5
  • New apps call Local Scout, will give more better information about Local info for shopping, travel and more.
  • Improve Bing Apps

And more to come when 1st Phone that run Windows Phone 7 Mango in a few months. As for now from what we know, Nokia might be the first phone to run with this version.

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