New Smartphone Technology?

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New Technology Might Be Change Smartphone In The Future

Sometime you may think isn't Smartphone is "smart" enough? Well I think not yet since 
Benedetto Vigna, general manager of the MEMS division of STMicroelectronics that in future smartphone it might get new sensor feature. 

Not just ordinary motion sensor, it has greater motion feature such as detect your elevation, humidity, temperature or even your heartbeat rate too!

Also it maybe has a fingerprint / thumbprint sensor that can unlock the phone or can be using for safe banking purpose to.

As for now based on source, this features may be install on next iPhone and iPad, others phone still unknown.

Source : Redmond Pie
Via : Pocketnow

3 Responses to New Smartphone Technology?

  1. menariklah gadget2 sekarang nie... nak memilikinya tu yg susah sket... haha.. sekurang-kurangnya mengambil tahu perkembangan teknologi semasa.. bagus2.. :)

  2. Ya betul, sungguh menarik gadget2 skrg :)

  3. nak benda nih... huhu

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