Firefox 4 Downloads Hits 100 Million.

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100,000,000 and counting............
Over 1500 downloads per minute

Firefox 4 officially launched on March 22nd, 2011. Since that date until now, the total of downloads for Firefox Version 4 from website has reached over 100,000,000 of downloads with over than 1500 downloads per minute.

The country that has the highest downloads is United States with more than 24,000,000 so far. Europe is a continent that has highest downloads with over 39 Millions followed by North America with 30 Millions and Asia with 20 Millions.

You can get the full statistic here at

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Might Get Dual-Core Processor

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Hope Nokia Launch It Soon

And it might be capable to run Windows Phone 8

The CEO of ST-Ericsson in Forbes said that will WP7 of Nokia will be powered by latest dual-core processor which is U8500 that might be capable to run soon to be Windows Phone 8 too.

The processor also which running at 1.2Ghz that can compete with Samsung Galaxy S II (ARM Mali-400 GPU)

In 2012, we might see new Nokia smartphone line that will be run on Windows Phone which they are planning to get twelve product on production soon.

Source - 

Nokia E6 Launch In UK Meanwhile X7-00 In US

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Symbian Is Still Not Dead Yet Okay?

Well, well. Looks like Nokia release another high-end symbian phone yet this is the prove that they still stick to launch more symbian phone before they will stop their Symbian production soon.

As we mentioned before about Nokia E6, now this high end QWERTY phone has launch in UK. This high end capacitive touch screen phone will be tag at around £339 as we predicted before was £349 means it abit lower than we expected.

Meanwhile in other side, Nokia X7-00 Also now available on US market. The price is tag at around $535. This AMOLED screen phone is another high end symbian phone by Nokia which after Nokia N8.

Source - GSM Arena

New Function On Blogger Draft - Change Your Favicon Easily

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Blogspot Add Another New Function!

Recently blogger have put new function which you can easily change your blog favicon without using any HTML code.

Easy, just simply click "Design" on the top tab of the dashboard and click "edit" right beside on the Favicon as the image shown below.

To access Blogger in draft just simply click link below.

As for now blogger in draft still in development, so there's might be some glitch happen.

Will I Am With His Blackberry Torch For Lyric When Singing On Live

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Big Pop Star, Forgot Lyric Live On Stage?

Watch the video inside!

Recently on live show on French, main singer of Black Eyed Peas band, Will I Am, has forgot the lyric and use his Blackberry Torch to read the lyrics.

As the video shown, Will I Am take out his handphone (Which is a Blackberry Torch) to read the lyric. Well at least he's done well to cover back of what he's "forgotten"

Source - Phonearena

We Still Stick To Current Topic!

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As post before, we mention that since we move to new URL, we might change our blog topic also. Well the answer is still no, we still stick to the same topic!

Keep supporting us! Like our facebook, follow our twitter, subscribe our RSS NOW!! :)

En Hub 41 Team

New Topic So, What's the new content? What will change?

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Heyya, We will change the content / topic soon :)

Since we have change into new domain, we also might change our main topic. As currently our main topic is Gadget, IT and Autos. We still did not decide yet whats the best topic for our website. If you guys have any idea please do email us at

En Hub 41

Say Hello To New URL!

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Sexy is it? :)

Hello to all Apitzhnu reader! We no more known as actually, because we have change to a new domain / URL. It's yay! Sexy isn't it?

Why Hub 41? 
Hub is central, means a place that people all around the world come to one place (Hub41) to gain information, knowledge and new experience.

How about 41? 
Well, 41 is the house number of the website owner which is the place of his inspire about the website name.

But why changing the URL? :(
Because we want to make our URL more easy to remember and simple as possible. Don't worry if you type as still it'll be redirect to this website for sure :)

Why Why not instead?
Because is specially reserve for Malay content. Yes, hub41 will be conduct in Malay meanwhile will be conduct in English.

If you guys have any feedback or suggestion, just drop us an email. Thank you :)
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