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About Us

All news and update about Tech, Gadgets, Phone 
and even Autos under one roof here at apitzhnu. Not just news from 
Malaysia, Asia, but also worldwide. Apitzhnu is used to be a personal blog, 
but we decided to make it as news and information blog which all of our
followers can get latest news on the spot from apitzhnu blog.

Nowadays technology industry keep expanding and better 
day by day. 
News about Windows, Android, Apple or any other news that we'll keep up to date for you!

Tech News

In this "cyber" life we very synonym with gadgets. Doesn't care it just only a mp3 player or multi task watch, it's still called as gadgets. Nowadays people so crazy about gadgets, DSLR, iPod etc. So we also keep up to date about news for gadgets! Follow us and get latest news on the spot!

Gadget News

Almost everyone in the World have phones. Phones is the biggest industry so far and already beat Laptop! From iPhone, HTC, Nokia, we'll try to make sure you'll know the latest news before somebody did!

Phone News

Now.. wait what?? Yes, we also do news about Autos, not just a car news, also about their technology, how they do it etc. Not just Proton, Perodua or Kia, we also do news about Ducati, Yamaha, Kawasaki etc. Not just tech junkies, Gadgets maniac or phone collectors, riders or drivers also are welcome in! Actually we welcome all of you!

Auto News

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