Asus Padfone - Another Creative Idea From Asus

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Asus Now Move Step Ahead With Another Innovative Product

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Last time we know about Asus Eeepad Transformer is quite unique tablet pc where as it not act as a tablet, also at the same time as Netbook.

Now Asus again create another creative product name Padfone which a phone can be put on tablet. Yup it's true, 2-in-1, Tablet + Phone = Padfone.
You may think, where Asus got this incredibly idea to create this stunning kind gadget?
Well, actually Asus take seriously from what people really want on gadget nowadays. Most common problem is you have to have multiple SIM card for your tablet and your phone. But now with Asus Padfone, the problem solve.
This 10.1 inch Tablet act as a dock for a 4.3 inch smartphone that can be connect and hid it on backside of the tablet. Also, the dock can give additional power when the phone itself runs out of battery.
It's Introduce by Asus at Taiwan Computex 2011 today. So far there's no official specs and price about it, and it's might running Android System version Ice Cream Sandwich.

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