New HTC Phone 12 Megapixel Camera With Windows Phone Mango OS?

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It's Not Official But The Leaked Image Shown It Is

More Info After The Jump!

You might think as per image looks like a HTC 7 Trophy isn't it?
Yes, it right, it's same with that model, but we believe it's different. Why?

As the image shown below is some leaked picture show it's running 12 Megapixel Camera ( Which HTC 7 Trophy is 5 Megapixel ) with Latest Windows Phone 7 Mango Updates as the Camera interface is slightly different with current Windows Phone 7.

It's still unofficial where there's no official announcement about it yet. As per our thought, it may be a HTC 7 Trophy S ? Or some name to show it's a successor to the Trophy? Who knows? :)

Source - WMPower User

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