Samsung Galaxy S II Sales Beat iPhone 4 In UK

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So, Is Samsung Phone Now Is iPhone Killer?

Proof? After The Jump!

At around early this year, Samsung has release one of the most successful hanphone, Samsung Galaxy S II. It's slim, it's dual-core, it's AMOLED, it's Gingerbread with Latest version Touchwiz.

So now, new statistic said that Samsung Galaxy S II sales on UK, now has beat iPhone, below is the chart.

As you can see image above, Samsung Galaxy S II has beat iPhone 4 Sales meanwhile new HTC Sensation is on no 3rd. Well, well, as we can see, HTC Desire, which quite long put itself on top of the chart.

As you can see on the chart, the trends looks like on Samsung Galaxy S II have more popularity than iPhone 4 where they got a bit down slope before goes on top.



2 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S II Sales Beat iPhone 4 In UK

  1. damn, i am always an android fan! go go android!!
    well, but currently i am using BB, coz the internet rates are sick. still android>ios for sure

  2. Yeah, the sales performance prove that haha

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