Solar Power Might Change The Future Of Laptop

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Next Revolution of Laptop Are Here!

Now you might think twice before buying an iPad~

Well it's actually not finish / final product but just a design for Fujitsu design award 2011 competition in conjunction with designboom.

The name is Lifebook Leaf is a concept notebook with OLED display.

We do hope this kind of innovation will be on production soon as we now are bored about battery anymore..

Source - TGDaily

**18/5/2011 - This is repost due to blogger problem of temporary missing post and comments

2 Responses to Solar Power Might Change The Future Of Laptop

  1. huiihh.. takde spek harga ke?ke tak masuk malaysia?

  2. takde g, sbb ni laptop concept, arap2 msuk production so boleh beat tablet! :)

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