2012 Lamborghini Aventador Picture Gallery

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New Lamborghini (Image Gallery)

Nice.... That's all I can say. More Picture After The Jump!

This Is Image Gallery Only, for full specs and features and news click HERE

Short Specs & Facts About 2012 Lamborghini Aventador

Italian Made.
V12 Powered Engine, 7 Speed.
6000+ cc, 690.6 Bhp.
4WD, Aluminium Alloy Rims.
350 K/mh top speed.

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Source - Auto Blog

White iPhone Slightly Thicker Than Old iPhone 4

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To Bad iPhone 4 Case Won't Fit On White iPhone

Image From GSM arena

Recently many people frust that the white iPhone size slight thicker than old iPhone 4 when they want to buy casing for their whit iPhone. Phil Schiller, an Apple guy explain that it's not very easy to make white version and they working something with the sensors.

Since iPhone 4 got problem with antenna reception, there must be something they working on the antenna problem until it has to be thickier.


New HTC Phone Codename After Royal Wedding?

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HTC Kingdom And Royal Image Leaked

By the way, HTC selling profit raise this year, good things right?

Just now we know Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton has finish successfully and the coverage quite wide til almost all people in the world know it :| . Leaked image above is (maybe) new product for HTC which has code name Royal and Kingdom.

Royal which on left hand side has a nice red colour with the design almost same like HTC Evo 4G especially the buttons. On the other one is Kingdom. Not any official news right now. But we sure that HTC will come up a new "incredible" great product.

Source - Gizmodo

iPhone 5 This July?

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Next Revolution Of iPhone, This July?

iPad 2 and White iPhone has launched, how about iPhone 5?

Recently theres some leak image for next generation of iPhone and people starts to make speculation that it must be iPhone 5. The leaked image looks like almost same with previous version but the screen meet between the edge.

iPhone 5?

Recently, SK Telecom (Source) a South Korea telco provider announce that it'll release by 4th July of 2011. But there's still no official news from Apple yet.

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Yarp, it's free........

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Nokia Also Wants A Tablet, But Unique

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Nokia Planning To Have A "Will Beat iPad" Tablet
They still connecting people guys.. don't worry

Recently iPad 2 has launch, also others tablet such as Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer etc. But how about Nokia? Do they want to joining in the wars?

One of their CEO said, yes he is interested to make Tablet for Nokia soon, but it should be unique, more better than iPad. He also admit that there's only one best tablet between any other tablet so far (iPad?) so he said new Nokia Tablet should be more better than that.

Nokia, recently have a rumor that will slow down their symbian based product and replace it with Windows Phone. Is it? Stay tune!

iPad 2 Will Be Launch This Friday While iPhone White Tomorrow

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iPhone White Will Be Launch By Tomorrow
While iPad2 Will Be Launch On This Friday (Malaysia)

Official from Apple itself said that iPhone 4 White version 
will be on market by tomorrow but on selected countries only which Malaysia are not in the list. While one of selected countries is our neighbours (Singapore and Thailand) we'll also will get an 
Apple product line up, which is iPad 2 on this friday. 

The price expected for iPad 2 probably will cost more than RM200 than older version. 

Meanwhile White iPhone 4 will be into Malaysian market as Digi already have make statement that this phone will be "kambing-soon" on their iPhone package.

Mudah.my Starts Advertise Their Website

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Jual. Beli. Cari. Hampir Apa pun. Mudah.my
mudah.my logo
They must have alot of money to advertise their site aren't they?

Recently Mudah.my have release their Ads on Major Local Radio and Television.
The 30 Seconds ads (for television ads) is about how
Mudah.my work and also showing how they provide a
space for people to buy and sell online via COD.

Mudah.my is a Malaysian based website where as people come to buy and sell thing.
Recently Mudah.my also change their logo and
added some more content on their homepage which is a
guidance on how to deal with sellers in Mudah.my.

New HTC Droid Incredible 2

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Another New HTC Phone Line Up?

HTC Droid Incredible 2 will be on US Market this Thursday

Another HTC Phones will be available on US by this Thursday which provide by Verizon Wireless. HTC Droid Incredible 2 is a successor phone of HTC Incredible S HTC Droid Incredible. The design are almost identical with different specs.

HTC Droid Incredible 2 is a CDMA phone with 4" WVGA Screen (Incredible S Droid Incredible was 3.7") with 768MB RAM (Incredible S Droid Incredible Was 512MB RAM) and same 1 GHz Single Core Processor.

Droid Incredible 2 also got enhance by Noise Cancellation and SRS WOW HD Technology which old Incredible S Droid Incredible don't.

So far there's no news about this phone will available on Europe and Asian or not.


EDIT 27/4/2011 - It was actually compare with HTC Droid Incredible not Incredible S. The different between Droid Incredible 2 and S is Incredible S is GSM Phone while Droid Incredible 2 is CDMA Phone.

Wii 2 Will Be Launched By Next Year?

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2ND Generation Of Wii?
An all new Nintendo Wii also know as 2nd Generation of Wii will be launch by early 2012

Rumor has said that 2nd Generation of Wii, will be launched by early or middle of 2012. Nintendo Wii is a game console which launched on 2006. So far Wii has sold more than 86 Millions between 2006 - March 2011. Nintendo has release statement said that they will show off their 2nd Generation Wii for demo on upcoming E3 by this June. 
Some believe that the graphic performance of this new Wii could be more better than PS3 and Xbox 360.

Price expected for this new Wii is around $400.


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