New iPhone Might Get Curve-Glass Display

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So, It Should Be Look Like Nexus S Right?

More Info After The Jump!

Recently we've heard that New iPhone, wasn't actually iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S instead, but still there's no official to confirm on which name will be on this next gen iPhone.

Now, there's another source that Apple has purchased over than 200 pieces of Glass-Cutting machines which means they might do something and expecting it'll be a curve glass screen.

So far there's no official news about it and if it is, iPhone 5 (4S) will be a second smartphone with curve glass display after Samsung Google Nexus S.

Source - GSM Arena

2 Responses to New iPhone Might Get Curve-Glass Display

  1. Wah.. semua canggih2 gadgetnya... dapat tengok je la...
    dah pernah ada ke gadget2 ni ye? :)

  2. Ade 1 je tapi tu pun bese2 je, xmampu la beli yg mahal :)

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