China Has 900 MILLION Total Handphone User

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Woah, What An Interesting Fact. 900 Millions Is Alot!

It could be reach 1 Billion by next year.

Nowaday almost all person in the world have a handphone, and alot of them also have more than one! Since the handphone is now part of our daily life, many types of handphone now easily can be find anywhere around you. 

Also handphone price has drop to affordable price. Remember 1 years ago where only certain people can have a handphone? Now, even kids also have a handphone, it's true that handphone is part of our life.

Now, there's new statistic said that China is the highest mobile phone user country in the world with 900 Millions people. It followed by India with 811 Million, while USA with 303 Million users.

In the meantime, eventhough China has highest mobile user statistic, only 10% of them are using 3G with only 67 Million User so far.

Source - The Next Web

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