Windows Phone 7 Mango Preview

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Here Are Some Preview That We Get Before It Fully Launch Today

Windows Phone 7 Mango Promise More Than 500 Features, is it? More Info after the jump.

Based on our last report said that today is the date that they'll reveal and announce about Windows Phone 7 Mango. Before the announcement, here are some preview about the update.

Social & Communications
  • Better social connection. More details and features on Facebook, Twitter and other social applications.
  • Linked Inbox and SMS / Chat Thread
  • Voice-Over Messaging - Easier to message or sms with voice-to-text technology.

  • Better and Improve Tiles Menu with more additional features.
  • Multitasking Support

Network & Internet
  • Internet Explorer 9 which support HTML-5
  • New apps call Local Scout, will give more better information about Local info for shopping, travel and more.
  • Improve Bing Apps

Want to see how it works? Here are the video about it.

Source - Nokia Blog

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