How to change your Facebook themes step by step

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Facebook Have a Themes? Are you kidding??

Hey guys, today I wanna show u how to change / customize u'r facebook profile.
-IT works on Mozilla Firefox Version 3 only
-IT works on local computer only. (means if you change the themes still other people see your profile as normal only)
-Since Facebook layout / setting change every month so glitch would be happen.
1-Firstly open your Mozilla Firefox and go to OR search Greasemonkey on search tab
2-Click "add to firefox" as image belowTutor 13-and then, go to OR search Stylish on search tab
4-and do the same step as above.(2) (Click add to firefox)And pop-up will says to install them.
Click install Once u install both, click restart firefox on the pop-up! But Sometimes when u clicked "add to firefox" pop up doesn't show cus, it'll comes out ballon on top of the browser (below the tab), click allow.
Please refer picture below
tutor 2
Okay once you restart your firefox, it will open up their website automatically
or you can visit by doing manual at
Okay, after that, make sure there are two icons on the bottom right of you browser (monkey, and 'S' logo) if not, you can check it on "Tools > add-ons" to make sure they both installed.
Then go to
and search Facebook on top of the right of the web page and you can see alot of results come out.
Choose what ever you like.PLEASE REFER IMAGE
tutor 3

IMAGE - Search tab.

tutor 4

IMAGE - The result should be like this. Choose which one u like!
** PLEASE MAKE SURE that the Themes Script is for Facebook!

tutor 5
Click "Install with stylish"
tutor 6
Pop up will come out, wether u want to install it, or preview it first
tutor 7
Once u click "install", go to facebook and ta-da!
-It's works on other website to! Go to stylish website and search any website u desire such as google/gamespot/youtube etc.
-If you think it's complicated, please google "how to change facebook themes" XP
-Works only on Firefox version 3.

Any comments or feedback please contact me or through the facebook at

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