Say Hello To New URL!

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Sexy is it? :)

Hello to all Apitzhnu reader! We no more known as actually, because we have change to a new domain / URL. It's yay! Sexy isn't it?

Why Hub 41? 
Hub is central, means a place that people all around the world come to one place (Hub41) to gain information, knowledge and new experience.

How about 41? 
Well, 41 is the house number of the website owner which is the place of his inspire about the website name.

But why changing the URL? :(
Because we want to make our URL more easy to remember and simple as possible. Don't worry if you type as still it'll be redirect to this website for sure :)

Why Why not instead?
Because is specially reserve for Malay content. Yes, hub41 will be conduct in Malay meanwhile will be conduct in English.

If you guys have any feedback or suggestion, just drop us an email. Thank you :)

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